Thursday, April 9, 2009

Two Days After the Extraction

Still bleeding a bit, still a bit crampy, although I'm not regularly taking ibuprofen (day one I was popping pills right at the minute I could). I could only walk for short distances yesterday, but today I ran some errands without feeling exhausted.
I can't shake this feeling of relief (nor do I particularly want to)! I do my little happy dance in my head about 20 times a day. I feel like I've aged a couple of years in the last few weeks, but I also feel like the possibilities are endless... I don't have a baby! I can do anything...! My vagina still feels-- emotionally, not physically-- like a piece of raw meat, and this may be the first time since I started having sex that I have no desire to. My boyfriend assures me that he would sleep with me right now if he could, but I don't think that a bleeding, post- abortion girl is very attractive... maybe what's attractive is a girlfriend with no embryo....

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