Friday, April 10, 2009

Interview with Babs, #2

Dream interview with Barbara Walters:

Babs: Wow, Eve, it looks like you've make quite the comeback. Do you have any feelings of regret or sadness?

Me: Well, Barbara, only if I make myself. If I think very hard about how I deliberately killed part of myself that could have grown up into a person, I feel slightly sad. But when I think of the fact that I'm not pregnant, or see a little kid in the grocery store, I think, yippee! And do my happy dance.

Babs: Is it true that your happy dance includes balloons?

Me: Yes. In my head there are balloons.

Babs: Are you still feeling any physical residue?

Me: Well, yes. I have very slight cramps and a very little bleeding, and I tire more quickly than usual. And my body still thinks it's pregnant. My boobs are still sore and swollen. But it's more in my head now, I think. I know I can't have sex for another week and a half, and I'm actually okay with that. I think I'm still a little battle scarred.

Babs: And how is your relationship?

Me: It seems to be back on track! I'm moving in with my boyfriend (which we'd been planning before all the shit hit the fan), but I hadn't been looking forward to it during the last few weeks.
Now I'm excited again and mentally decorating!

Babs: If you had to, would you do this again?

Me: In a heartbeat.

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