Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's over, it's over.....lalalalalala......

I don't feel NEARLY as crappy as I did yesterday, and I'm so glad I chose the surgical option over the medical. And I'm really glad I chose not to be sedated. There was a girl in the recovery room next to me who had been sedated, and she asked me, Did it hurt? Yes. Yes, it did. But I feel sort of like myself today, and my recovery time will be much quicker than if I'd chosen to be asleep (or if I'd chosen the medical, for that matter). Last night I felt like there was a big, gaping hole inside of me (isn't it funny what knowledge can do?), but today I feel a just a little crampy, and I'm still bleeding a little. But every time I think, I'm not pregnant! I do a little happy dance inside my head. I thought I would be grieving, and perhaps I just haven't hit that stage yet, but I'm just so relieved that I can go back to normal! My boobs are still big and tender, and I'll probably still be hormonal for a couple of weeks, but it's all on the downswing. Ladeeda.
No sex, though. Or drinking. For two weeks. Although right now I have no desire to put anything up in me anyway. But I'm sure in a couple of days I'll be as randy as a college frat boy and ready to get back on the horse. So to speak.

Also, it helps if your doctor is a tall, pretty, kind redhead that you kind of wish you were friends with.

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