Monday, January 9, 2012

Mirena, part dos

About a year ago I started getting more pimples on my chin. This has been a sporadic issue for me throughout my adult life, so I didn't take too much notice. I went to a dermatologist and changed my topical meds. It didn't work. I changed 'em again. Still nothing. After a third round that kept the status quo, I realized that perhaps my growing, sore breasts (at age 29) were related to the zits (one's chin is a traditional place for hormonal acne). After some Googling, I discovered a legion of women with the same issues. They all had the Mirena IUD. After more Googling, I discovered that the Mirena has a kind of progestin that's linked to androgenic effects. Big, nasty chin pimples are among those.
I had the Mirena removed four months ago. And went on Ortho-cyclen, a pill with lower androgenic effects. I had my hormone levels tested, my thyroid tested; both normal. Slowly, since the extraction of the Mirena, the effects have dwindled. As diabolically pleasurable as squeezing a pimple until the pus hits the mirror can be, I'm cautiously thrilled.
I wasn't given enough information about the possible symptoms from levonorgestrel, the progestin. And by not enough, I mean none. If I had been, perhaps I could have recognized mine earlier.
The breasts stayed the same size, although the soreness is gone. Sigh. No birth control is perfect. I needed new bras anyway. And for that, I recommend the ladies at Nordstrom bring you 30+ models to test-drive.

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