Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mirena, Mirena

Here's the breakdown:

Bled for a couple of days. Stopped bleeding until my period, which was only a day late. Have been bleeding moderately since, which has been two weeks now. It was never heavy. My clinician said I may bleed on and off for a couple of months, but it should eventually become much lighter and infrequent and may even stop on a semi-permanent basis. Which she said she was initially not a fan of, but she realized that back in the day women didn't have their periods nearly as much as we do now, because they were having babies and nursing for a large period (haha) of the time. So perhaps it's not a bad thing to give one's body a break. I've been menstruating for 13 years straight (with a quick pregnancy break). I'm ready to ease up. Especially since I became borderline anemic because I've been bleeding so much over the past nine months.

On a related note:
If I hadn't gotten the abortion I'd have a two month old.
Thank you, Planned Parenthood.
Wow. That made me slightly sad. But that's nothing compared to the relief I still feel.


  1. As an Abortioneer, I appreciate your post-abortion thoughts and your perspective in general. Thank you. And congratulations on your Mirena!

  2. God bless your beautiful baby girl/boy who was never able to live his/her life because of your terrible choice.

  3. God bless your innocent baby with its precious life taken so soon for your selfish reasons. You should be so ashamed!!!!!!

  4. aww, how cute, another pro-LIAR who thinks that he/she knows everything about a TOTAL STRANGER'S life that they can judge them so. and yet the same pro-liars aren't so willing to support all this extra life they would happily force on others. can't have your bittercake and eat it too, liars.

    may all the fetuses you save (if any) grow up to become gay liberal supporters of womens' rights.

    congrats on the mirena, eve! :)

  5. I also very much appreciate this blog, and good luck with the Mirena!

  6. Ew, those are some gross comments. We get ones like that at Abortioneers but never let them through. It's just not productive, considering the intent of our blog as a "safe space" etc. (Most who do this are drive-by commenters who aren't invested in a conversation anyway, and the ones who stick around and keep commenting daily without ever getting published are just freaking creepy.) Anyway, I respect your thought process about publishing, just wanted to commiserate a little.

  7. Hahahahaha love Jameson's comment about the fetuses growing up. Let's hope so. Good for you for making your own choices. Your body, your mind, your choice. YA Pro-choice!

  8. If heaven is so great, why is it such an evil thing to send a fetus there? i have never understood that logic