Thursday, September 20, 2018

It's been almost 10 years since I had my abortion.

If I hadn't aborted, I would have shrunk instead of grown. My aunt would say that maybe it would have turned out to be a gift, but I disagree with my heart, gut, and soul.

He was the wrong person for me. It hurts to write that, like it's slighting him for some reason. I wanted so much to make it work. He wanted that even more, but he wanted me to tamp down who I am, and my now-husband wants to see me soar.

I'm back on here because we're "trying," which is a word I hate. "Encouraging" is better. "Hopeful" works too.

I may even be pregnant now. My period is late. But it's been all over the place since I went off birth control anyway.

I'm 36.

Even if conception is harder - or unavailable - I'm still so grateful for the choice I made 10 years ago.
More people are talking about abortion now. There are more stories to relate to. But not enough flavors.  1 in 4 women have abortions. That's down from 1 in 3. But still: everyone loves someone who had an abortion. Whether or not they know it.

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